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Phone Interviews

Initial impressions are a major factor in the interview process.  The transition into Corporate America is much different than the initial transition into the Military.  As a job seeker you are being thrown into a world where individuality is common place.  Potential employers are searching for someone that can manage their job requirements as well as there personal lives with a certain degree of professionalism.

For most candidates the initial contact from a potential employer will be via telephone.  This initial impression will either be positive or negative and could possibly make or break the remainder of the interview process.  An upbeat and enthusiastic phone presence will relay interest and in turn build excitement within the potential employer. 

Phone interviews give both the candidate and employer a chance to conduct an initial assessment.  Therefore answers should be kept to a minimum with a focus on the key points and facts that surround the question.  The focus of this interview is to be invited to meet face to face.  It is at the face to face where the opportunity won, however the opportunity can be lost at any step along the way.

With phone messaging taking on a variety of different features many individuals have ring back tones and other out of the ordinary messages that are very trendy but unprofessional while searching for a career.  The voicemail message should be clear and simple stating your full name and a cordial greeting.  “Hello this is Joe Smith; I am unable to answer my phone.  Please leave me a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.”  Employers don’t want to hear Justin Timberlake or 50 Cent whenever they put a call in to a potential employee.  Ring back tones should also reflect a typical pulse tone when someone is attempting to contact you.

Always remember that the phone interview is the first step toward a new career and it should be approached with as much preparation as any other stage of the interview process.